Persian food at Peris, revisited

Persian food is probably one of my favorite comfort food, ranked up with American fried chicken, and Mom’s cooking.  Ok, there’s tons of other food that I love, but Persian food does rank pretty high.

One of my favorite places is Peris Restaurant in Hawaiian Gardens, where I was there in March, celebrating my birthday.  My friend Roger wanted to meet up for dinner, and this location was the most ideal, since he was coming from El Segundo, and I was coming from Santa Ana.

This place isn’t fancy, but they serve really good food, and at a fair price.  Plus, if you check in on yelp, you get an order of hummus with a basket of hot pita bread for free.

Karen had never been here, so I suggested she get the boneless chicken, which is grilled chicken (primarily thigh meat), a grilled tomato and basmati saffron rice.  Roger had the chicken kebob, which was similar to Karen’s dish, except it came with additional grilled vegetables and used white meat instead of dark.  My go-to dish is always the same: boneless chicken with a beef koubideh.

The food is always good, generous portions, and affordable.  I took half of my food home, and even some pita bread.  With 3 drinks, dinner came to $49 and change before tip.