Yelp Event: Lunch at DönerG

My first Elite Lunch event!! I’ve always wanted to check out a Yelp Elite Lunch event but they were too far or my schedule never allowed it.  I’ve been to the other Doner G location in Anaheim (off Ball and State College), and love the food and the value there. So when Community Manager Ryan offered the Elite Yelpers lunch at the newly opened Santa Ana location, I was in!

As always, Ryan does a bang up job in his event. It was organized, and easy to get our food.  Our Yelp check in also included a Yelp Koozie and a tin of Yelp mints (definitely needed after eating Turkish food).

We were given the option of building our own lunch, and it could be
– a pita sandwich
– a fladenbrot (a huge sandwich)
– a lavash wrap
– rice platter or
– salad plate

The rice platter is probably the best bang for your buck.  At $7.99 you get a huge “plate” with a salad, rice, veggies, falafel and meat.  It was way too big for lunch (unless I wasn’t planning on eating dinner) so I opted for the signature pita sandwich. Unlike Anaheim, where they make the sandwich and bring it to your table, you build your own creation, like a subway, chipotle, or pieology type place.

The steps:
– I ordered the pita sandwich
– the employee added the base sauces
– then you select a variety of vegetables to add to your sandwich.

I told the girl to add whatever they put normally in Anaheim, which was the lettuce mixture, tomatoes, onions. Next pick your meat. From past experience, I knew I liked the beef more than the chicken, so I got the thinly sliced beef, and added some grilled onions.

Then I got sauced again, with a Jajik and Chili sauce. The thick pita was carefully folded and wrapped in foil.  From the outside, it looked like a fat burrito.

I found a spot by the window and looked at my creation. The food was delicious but messy.  I grabbed a buttload of napkins, and devoured the pita sandwich.

Thank goodness Ryan gave us mints… my coworkers will be thankful for that.
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