Mount Hood Parkdale: Draper Girls Country Farm

We were finished driving the E Columbia River Historic Highway and Stephen wanted to find Mount Hood. We keyed in coordinates in the GPS and headed this way, not knowing we were touring the “Fruit Loop”. After passing signs after signs of “Fruit” stands, I started to get hungry and thirsty.  It was close to 4:00 and the last time we ate was back at Cascade Locks around 12:00.  I spied a car pull into this lot, so I made a quick right turn into the same lot.

What a quaint lot! There were signs posted everywhere.. signs of fruit for sale, signs that you can pick your own fruit, a sign they sell cheese (and lots of it), and even a sign they have a farm animals.

Stephen’s mom loves cherries, and we were visiting at the right time. They had baskets of them, and varieties I’ve never heard of. The lady behind the cashier hollered we were welcome to try one, and I did.  The one I tried was so sweet!  They were mix and match, so we grabbed a handful of the Rainiers and Skeena at $5.49 a pound.  As I write this, I realized that was pretty pricy! However, after we paid for them, we found a bench around the corner and started eating them.

We had a great view of Mount Hood and some excellent cherries. The fruit hit the spot. It gave me the energy I needed to continue our quest to find Mount Hood, and also quenched my thirst that I had. The lady behind the counter was polite, but not chatty.

As I walked to the car, I spied the farm animals, which was a pen full of goats and baby goats.  We took some photos, and as we left, more people were turning into her driveway.