Vista House at Crown Point 

We were in Cascade Locks and didn’t realize that we overshot the exit to Vista House. Lucky for us, we found a Ranger’s Station and she handed us a map directing us to exit 22, and the E Historic Columbia River Highway, past the general market and to the Vista House.

Its more beneficial if you visit this landmark on a nice day. We were fortunate and came on a nice sunny day. If you are in the observation area at the top of the Vista House, you can see a nice view of the Columbia River. However, if you wish to take a decent panoramic shot of the river, head down and around the building (watch out for cars!!) and you’ll get a better shot, without the stone wall or street in the view.

This is a good starting point, especially if you’re going to drive the historic highway and stop to see various falls, including the popular Multnomah Falls.

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