Portland: Reel M’ Inn Tavern

Whaaaa?? A 5 star review to a dive bar?  After a long day of sightseeing, and getting lost finding Mount Hood (don’t laugh), we made our way back to our Bed and Breakfast.  We weren’t terribly hungry, but I knew we should find a place that was open late.  Reel M Inn met the criteria.

They’re open until 2:30 am, and according to the Yelpers, they serve up some damn fine fried chicken.  The only thing was.. would it be an appropriate place we could take mom?

The place was just a few minutes from our B+B, and we found parking just down the street.  We walked in around 9:00 and the place was jumping.  People were sitting along the bar eating delicious looking chicken. The tables near the bar was full, and I spied a high table near the pool table and sat mom down.

We went to the bar to order. Carey (that was the name on the receipt) said it’ll be at least an hour and a half for chicken. Apparently, they only have 1 fryer for the whole place. Sure, we weren’t in a hurry… and placed our order for a half chicken, plus 2 legs for mom.  In addition, Stephen ordered a local beer on tap, I got a pear cider (also on tap), and a diet RC for mom.

We watched the pool game to kill time, but I didn’t realize that mom could have spent the time playing their slot machine. Apparently she thought they were a dollar to play, but they were Vegas style… pennies slot!

The chicken was worth the wait.  The chicken was crunchy outside, not overly greasy and juicy and tender inside.  My chicken breast was piping hot from start to finish.  That was one bad ass chicken dinner.  We were surprised the Jo-Jo’s were quarter potato wedges, and were much bigger than we thought.  2 wedges were plenty for me.

In addition, we were given a variety of sauces and we think they were:
– Mustard
– Ketchup
– Ranch
– Some sort of chili sauce.. Sriracha?
– Tabasco?
– and we think another hot mustard..

The bathrooms were clean… cleaner than some restaurants that I’ve been to!  And, it was dirt cheap to eat here.  For 3 people, our chicken dinner with 2 beers and a cider came to just $28.50. Since Carey forgot to charge me for the diet RC, I just gave her extra tip.

I never did find out if mom approved of the place.  She seemed to like her food, even though the crowd isn’t what she’s used to hanging out with.

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