Spokane: King of Ramen

As an Asian gal who grew up and still lives in Southern California, we have access to all sorts of Asian noodle places. We even know that there’s 3 major types of Ramen: Hakata, Kitakata, and Sapporo. Most people think of ramen as Hakata style which is what King of Ramen is going for.. Tonkatsu Ramen.

Unfortunately this place falls short. First of all, I do believe the chef and workers are Chinese, at least that’s what I heard them speaking. Nothing against them making Japanese ramen, but the ramen was not spot on as you would find it at say, Shin-Sen-Gumi or Santouka (those of you who know what I mean). The noodles were lacking something…

The chashu was delicious and it was worth splurging for the premium chashu as well. Tender, thin slices of pork belly that melted in my mouth.

The portions were adequate, and we left full. So full that we walked back to our hotel, as we didn’t realize that Spokane wasn’t that big of a town. Overall, its decent. I would not rave that this is legit Japanese ramen. 3 1/2 stars at most.

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