Indiegogo: Imagine Project’s The Tale of Turandot #ChildrensTheatre

Imagine Project’s The Tale of Turandot:

A Theatrical Puppetry Experience for Kids from 4 to 94.

Inaugural production of The Tale of Turandot is inspired by Carlo Gozzi’s play titled Turandot, which itself was based on a short Persian story written by the French orientalist, François Pétis de la Croix. Our new play for young audiences is about 50 minutes long, and is told by actors and puppets together.


photo1Imagine Project is a new theatre company dedicated to bringing dynamic stories with modern & relevant messages to young audiences, with a focus on gender equity, diversity and inclusion. #ChildrensTheatre #TYA

We are proud to be LA County’s only union theatre dedicated solely to children’s programming, and introduce to you our inaugural production of The Tale of Turandot – a multi-media commedia dell’arte experience with puppets.


The Play

In Gozzi’s play and in Puccini’s opera, the princess is portrayed as a cold and heartless young woman whose beauty and brains have no equal. Turandot forces all suitors to solve three riddles, and when they don’t, they pay with their heads. The focus is her coldness and rejection of men.

In our World Premiere Play, the tale is told from Turandot’s perspective – the story of a young woman forced to marry before she has a chance to explore the world and herself. Our play focuses on her fight for choice and freedom. On her struggles and her dreams.

Why this story? By encouraging young children, especially girls, to look at the many opportunities that are available to them in this world, we endeavor to contribute to the gender equity movement and thus the betterment of these kids’ lives.

#GenderEquity #EqualOpportunity



Imagine Project is a theater company dedicated to producing theatrical experiences for young audiences. With our inaugural production of The Tale of Turandot, we seek to establish LA County’s only union theatre company dedicated solely to children’s programming.


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What Your Donation Will Pay For

This Indiegogo campaign is specifically dedicated to raising money for:

  • the venue costs
  • and the fee of our Mask & Puppet Designer – Aaron Cromie

Our presumptive venue is The Colony Theatre in Burbank, CA with whom we worked out a great rate for two and half weeks of space rentals.

In addition to this campaign, we will be holding our company’s Inaugural Fundraiser & Gala on August 21st, with the proceeds dedicated to covering production costs. Should you wish to attend the Gala or want more information about it, please email us at


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