Newport Beach: TLT Food

TLT stands for “The Lime Truck”, and I’ve been a fan of The Lime Truck since the beginning, when chef Jason Quinn and co owner Daniel Shemtob ran the truck, and served up fresh, innovative food to the hungry food truck fans.  Now, each partner has gone a different route in the culinary world, with Quinn being the owner of the popular “Playground” in Santa Ana, while Shemtob continues to feed the Lime fans with TLT. img_6311

TLT opened the first “brick n mortar” storefront in Westwood, near UCLA.  Then, he expanded to Irvine Spectrum, and the third location opened up last Thursday in Newport Beach, located off Bison and MacArthur Blvd., just off the 73 freeway. I stopped here on a Sunday for brunch, and was warmly greeted by Paolo, the manager from the Irvine Spectrum location. He remembered me from not just Irvine, but from my visits to the food truck, and helped me and Stephen with our Sunday brunch menu.

We started off with something “shareable” and he suggested the Devil’s Quesadilla, one of the more popular brunch menu items.  Then, he suggested adding some heat to our menu with the Sambal wings.  I knew I definitely wanted the Mr. Potato Taco, and I wanted to balance our meal with some of TLT’s famous Brussels Sprouts. Last, but not least, we added the Shishito Peppers, as they were in season.

While we waited for our food, Stephen ordered one of the stout beers on tap, while I chose one of the delicious limeade.

Our food came out very quickly, about 10-15 minutes.  In front of us was a massive amount of food, and it was also so colorful and fresh.

I started off with the quesadilla, which was filled with prosciutto, scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, cheese, with chipotle-honey aioli drizzed on top, and a sambal sauce on the side. The aioli gave the quesadilla a slight kick to it, but it wasn’t too spicy, adding a great balance to this brunch item.  Stephen added the sambal sauce, and said the first bite was fine, and then, the heat grew and he understood why it’s the Devil’s Quesadilla.

We then tried the non spicy Brussels Sprouts, which is probably one of my favorite dish at TLT.  The dish is made with prosciutto, but they can remove it to make it vegetarian friendly, topped with chipotle-honey aioli, cotija cheese, and red onions.  Honestly, it’s probably one of the best dish at TLT.

Stephen moved onto the shishito peppers, while I started on my Mr. Potato taco, a great item for a vegan or vegetarian as this simple dish is made of crispy potatoes, pico de gallo, and a nice Chimichurri sauce, giving it a nice kick.

img_6334We saved one of the best and spiciest dish for last, the Sambal Wings. My mouth was still buzzing from the Mr. Potato, so the heat from the sambal sauce really kicked in.  I had to take a breather, and take a bite of the quesadilla and brussels sprouts to cool down the heat.  The wings were spicy, messy but oh so tasty, we couldn’t stop eating it, despite the spiciness.

Overall, an excellent brunch. In addition to weekend brunch,  TLT Food also has bottomless mimosas. If you can’t make brunch, they offer “$3 Taco Tuesday” all day… which includes my favorite Mr. Potato taco.

Congratulations on the success to TLT Food.  Next week, TLT will be opening their 4th location in Pasadena at 36 South El Molino Avenue.  It looks like they got Southern California covered.

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