Santa Ana: Panini Cafe revisited

Kudos to Panini Cafe! They’re great for office parties. A manager was leaving my agency, and I needed to have a farewell party for 30 guests.  At first we were going to have a simple pot luck, but logistically we didn’t have much time.  So I called up Panini Cafe and spoke to manager Brien.

We emailed back and forth a few times, and talked about my budget of $15 a person.  At first I thought I’d have to settle for panini sandwiches and wraps, but Brien was able to give me this menu for $15:
– Chicken kebob plate
– Beef koubideh plate
– Vegetarian panini (sandwich)
all entrees come with a salad and unlimited soft drinks

I booked my party at 11:30 am and we had the far end of the patio to ourselves.  It was a super warm day, and Panini had awnings to shield us from the sun, and overhead fans oscillating.  It was the best solution for such a hot day.

The staff came out quickly to fill our drinks, and we were in and out within an hour.  We even brought our own cake which they helped serve, at no additional charge. For 29 people, our total before tip came to $488, which was an excellent deal considering I did not have to lift a finger for anything.  We even took home leftovers!

Kudos to Panini Cafe… I’ll be back

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