Santa Ana: Soho taco caters

Soho Taco is not just a taco truck.  They also do catering for private events. I was invited to Soho Taco’s Tasting Night at their corporate office at 132 Dyer in Santa Ana to try their newly expanded catering menu.  I had no idea what a pleasant surprise this was going to be.

The primary focus of the evening was promoting their most popular appetizers. The appetizers were arranged on a tray, looking whimsical, colorful, and easy to enjoy if you’re at a cocktail party or at a wedding party.

The first selection were the tostaditas (little tostadas), one served with ceviche and one topped with lox, or smoked salmon. Both were perfect for a summer evening. However, the ceviche was even more refreshing with the citrus marinade.

The next item was Soho’s version of a bruschetta: the Rebanadas de Uva (translated as slices of grapes), and the Rebanadas de Tomates Heirloom.  I only tried the grapes, which were enjoyable treats, with the crunch of the bread combined with the flavor and juiciness of the fruit. Another excellent appetizer.

There were 2 shrimp appetizer items: the shrimp cocktail, which was one jumbo shrimp served in a clear shot glass with a tomato-cocktail sauce-guacamole mixture. Simply refreshing!  The other was a shrimp skewer with mango and onions, grilled to perfection.  The char of the grill brought out a smokiness which was absolutely wonderful, especially on the mango.

The final one was the Espadilla de Fruta, which is a skewer with mango and watermelon.  I didn’t try this one, but it looked refreshing and interesting.

Overall, this was a wonderful introduction to Soho Taco’s other side of their taco truck. I never knew that they were more than just tacos.  They have the capability of catering every aspect of a party, from appetizer to the entree.  The tacos can be turned into plates, as they can prepare the meats (ranging from chicken, steak, pork and fish) into platters served with beans, rice, and other sides.

For more information, visit or tweet them at @SohoTaco.