Brea: Outback Steakhouse 

The last time I went to an Outback Steakhouse was… I can’t even remember. I think over 5 years ago. My experience was just ok and I never thought of coming here as my first choice for steak.

What brought us in here was their commercial. It worked. They advertised their steak and snow crab legs for (as low as) $14.99, only in California its $16.99. After looking at that promotional menu, and finding out its 5 ounce steak and 1/2 pound of crab legs, we decided to pass on that promotion.

Our server suggested sticking to the steak and the shrimp combo. She said their shrimp was excellent and they had a 9 ounce sirloin and shrimp combo for $20.99. SOLD! What was nice was this server didn’t try to upsell us on items, nor did she try to get us to order an appetizer.

Both Stephen and I ordered the steak/ shrimp combo, only I had grilled shrimp while Stephen had the coconut fried shrimp. The sirloin wasn’t bad. It was very lean, so not a lot of flavor, but it was tender, and no tendon to fight with. The 9 ounces was sufficient, and both of us paired our steak with the sauteed mushrooms and rice sides. The mushrooms were excellent, with just a hint of wine. The rice was just ok, and next time I’d get the baked potato.

Overall not a bad dinner. It was even better that we had a gift card, and I had a $5 coupon for joining their reward club. With the coupon, it came to $47 and change before tip, so our meal was pretty much free with the gift card.

Not sure when I’d go back, but I had a decent experience.

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