Fullerton: Dripp 

So if you’re a fan of Portola Coffee, this is right up your alley. You don’t come here to grab and go. They prepare your coffee and treat your coffee like a science project. Dripp is located on the corner of Harbor and Chapman in downtown Fullerton, sharing the property with Stadtgarten. Dripp is serious coffee and they do offer tea, but also not just ordinary tea but their own special concoction blend. This is not the Mermaid. folks! img_7190

We just had dinner at the Stadtgarten and the aroma of the coffee beckoned us.   The menu is typical of a coffee house, but with their own signature items. Stephen had the Raven’s Dark Roast, which is a Colombian coffee at $3.75. When his coffee was ready, they had it in 2 parts: some of it poured in their signature Dripp cup, and the remainder in a clear small glass pitcher. Stephen really liked the coffee, and even consumed the second portion without any milk or sugar, and said it was good.

I am typically not a coffee drinker, so I chose the Chai with almond milk. The drink came in a huge latte mug, filled to the tension point. The Chai was peppery and excellent. While not cheap at $4.50, I would order it again.

The place is spacious, and has community high tables in the back, some counter space, a handful of lower tables, funky seating and 2 sofas. I’m sure there’s free wifi as there were plenty of people plugged in. It is a nice place to hang out, and they’re open late. Thumbs up.
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