Lunch at Alezba Village Tent, Giza

Alezba Village Tent is located in Giza at Km 8, Saqqara Road.  Our tour stopped here for lunch before heading back to Cairo.  Ironically, Stephen stopped at this same place when he was in Egypt in 2007, and he said it had not changed. When you walk inside you’re welcomed into a quaint garden, and to the left is a woman sitting by a kiln making fresh Egyptian bread.  The woman hams it up by putting the basket of bread on her head, and in exchange for taking her photo, a tip would be appreciated.

Lunch was served family style, with appetizers and salads placed on the table.  After taking our drink orders, the staff quickly loads up your plate with fries and rice, and then brings out a hibachi with grilled chicken and kufta, which is a ground beef in the shape of a sausage.  It is similar to Persian koobideh.

Dessert was Basbousa which is a popular Egyptian dessert made of semolina. While enjoying dessert, Stephen befriended a pony, while I befriended a scrawny little cat, who got a few pieces of chicken scraps.