Making things with Alabaster

After Valley of the Kings, tour guide Saber wanted to know if we wanted to shop or go to another Temple.  We spent 2 hours at the Valley of the Kings under the hot sun, and little or no shade.  The inside of the tombs were hot and there was no air conditioning.  I voted for shopping. We went to a place which showed us how things were made with alabaster, which is a variety of gypsum.


The demonstration started off with the stones, and how they were made into vases and other things from it, emphasizing how translucent it is.

The store also sold other non alabaster items, such as a glow in the dark stone.

I really did like the items but it was too pricey for me. They wanted $100 for 2 small alabaster cats, which was beyond my budget. Too bad, as they were cute.