Detroit: Hudson Cafe (@hudsoncafe) for brekkie

The most difficult part of visiting a new city is finding a good place to eat.  What’s even more difficult is visiting a place with a group of friends, and you’re in charge of finding a place to eat.  Fortunately there’s apps like Yelp to help me discover great places, and Hudson Cafe is one of them.

Our hotel was about 2 blocks away from this neighborhood gem.  Unfortunately for us, Detroit was experiencing colder than normal weather, as they had a cold arctic front coming in, and it was going to snow, too.  Briskly we walked and even passed an ice sculpture which made us feel even colder.

Eventually we made it, and was warmly greeted with a smile and a cheerful restaurant.

The menu had something for everyone’s tastebuds.  I went with a savory dish, the chicken and waffle.  Stephen spied the word “Spanish style sausage” and went with the Huevos Rancheros, while Karen went sweet with (what our server called their Instagram star) the Very Berry Stuffed French Toast.


Our server wasn’t joking. Karen’s Very Berry not only looked amazing, but she said it was very good too.  She inhaled the entire plate.


Very Berry Stuffed French Toast

Stephen’s Huevos Ranchero was good, and had a slight kick, while my Chicken and Waffle was delicious as well.  Perhaps not as famous as LA’s Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle, but it held its own.  The chicken reminded me of the coating used at Brooklyn Bowl (the one in Las Vegas).  The restaurant offers hot syrup, and it’s hot.. like I burnt my fingers hot.  So be careful when you pick up the bottle!  Overall a fair priced breakfast, and we were full all day.

We enjoyed this place so much, we came back the next day with the rest of our group.