Detroit: Ducks vs. Red Wings

This is the final year that the Detroit Red Wings will be playing at the Joe Louis Arena.  Next year they’ll have a new home, called the Little Caesar’s Arena,  located behind Hockey Town Cafe. We braved the arctic cold weather to see this historic arena, and of course cheer our Ducks. From our hotel, we took the People Mover to the Joe Louis Arena.  The arena doors were not open yet, so we asked a Detroit fan to take a group photo of us (say FREEZING!).


Once inside, you circle the building until you find your section.  There’s no multiple levels, just one concourse, one tunnel.

Our seats were in section 204B, which was just to the left of the goal line where the Ducks shoot twice. The arena definitely is antiquated. They don’t have a proper team store, or a big jumbotron.  They definitely needed a new arena.

During intermission, the concourse is packed wall to wall.  The bathrooms were located upstairs, and here is a view of the concourse.


The Ducks game out charging, scoring twice early in the game.  Unfortunately the team ran out of gas in the end, and the Detroit Wings beat us 6 to 4, and even had a Hat Trick.


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