New at Honda Center: free #G1gablast mobile charging stations 

Have you been to Honda Center and found out your phone is low on battery? Have you camped out at the restrooms or in the hallway to plug in?

Today, Honda Center introduced 2 charging stations to give your cellphone or tablet some extra power.  The stations are near section 213 and 227, and the service is free (paid for by G1gablast by Cox).

It’s easy to use. Walk up to the screen and select POWER BLAST on the left.

Enter your mobile number and a security icon you can remember.

Select the available slot, attach your device to the correct charging cable (30 pin, lightning or USB), snd firmly shut the door.


When you’re ready to retrieve your item, select GOOD TO GO, reenter your information and icon and get your device.

Easy and best of all it’s free!