Udi’s Gluten Free


On occasion, I get asked to try new products for free in exchange for a review. I got Udi’s Italian Sausage Lasagna at Vons, where it would have cost $5.99 without the coupon. It was easy to make: four minutes in the microwave, without any stops to stir or do anything to it, and, as expected, it came out looking nothing like the picture on the box.

The lasagna is gluten free: made from rice flour and potato and tapioca starch. The texture gave away that it wasn’t regular pasta, but it wasn’t bad at all. There was plenty of sausage and ricotta, and the sauce was pleasantly spicy.  Overall, I liked the taste of this frozen dinner. I would buy it if the amount of fat and especially saturated fat (60% of the daily recommended intake!) wasn’t so high, and then only if it was on sale. With so many options out there, I think $5.99 is too high for this small meal.