Anaheim Ducks Power Play: the Foundation giving back to the community (#ADPowerPlay)

The Anaheim Ducks Foundation is dedicated to giving back to the community. On Friday, April 7, volunteers from the Ducks organization, their sponsors and season ticket holders helped improve James McFadden intermediate school in Santa Ana, California.  Check in was at 8:00 am, and the Ducks provided breakfast and snacks. Approximately 8:30 TV Analyst Brian Hayward welcomed the group and broke down the schedule of the day. Part of the group would help plant trees around the campus, build a living garden, construct a roller rink, or paint one of 4 murals located around the school ground.

Anita and I was assigned to painting a mural. We chose the first location which was located in front of the Art department. The mural was long and intricate, and our group tackled the project by painting the white background first, then filled in the colorful motifs.

At noon we broke for lunch, that was provided by Wahoo tacos.

After lunch we continued the project until 2:00pm.

We didn’t quite finish the mural. The coordinating company, Operation Clean Slate would take care of the final touches before unveiling it on Monday to the school.


There were other projects going on. The living garden was located in the front of the school. In 4 years, the garden could be consumed as food.

In the playground, two murals were painted at the handball court, and a storage shed had silhouettes painted on the walls.

Lastly a street hockey rink was built in the grassy area.

The mural I was working on took the longest, and my team was the last to leave the venue. Every year the Anaheim Ducks Foundation selects a venue to improve or upgrade. They’re always looking for volunteers, and next year I will be back.

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