Placentia: the Bruery (@TheBruery)

Last year, my friend Shellie took us to the Bruery for a tour.  Stephen really enjoyed the beers, and commented he’d like to go back to the tasting room.  Last month, the Bruery opened up membership to their Preservation Society, where members can have access to beers not open to the public.  The members also have first access to beers being release. The membership is quarterly, and each quarter 3 bottles of select beers are sold to the members.


Stephen signed up to become a member, and we were notified his first quarter beers were ready for pick up. Being our first time, we didn’t know where to go, so we went to the tasting room.  We were told the pick up was on the opposite end of the parking lot. Both the tasting room and the fulfillment center was open at 12:00 noon, so rather than move our car, we decided to stay at the tasting room and try a few beers first.

To the left of the tasting room entrance is a counter with a menu and descriptions of their beers available to taste.  You can get a flight of beer, a glass of beer, or take home a bottle or growler.  There was even a section just for Society members, and a listing of the food trucks for the week.

Stephen chose 5 flights:

  • Bake This: Black Forest Cake,
  • Share This: Coffee,
  • Bruery Terreux (@brueryterreux) Frucht: Yumberry,
  • Society Exclusive: Saule (an anniversary ale aged in Bourbon barrel)
  • and… I forgot the other one.

We spent about an hour in the tasting room before moving our car to the other end of the parking lot to collect his three Preservation Society Q1 2017 bottles, two bottles of Chocolate Rain, and two bottles of Black Tuesday.

We were about to leave when I spotted a flyer about a sale on the Bruery beers.  We decided to check it out, as the GPS said it was a mere 4 minute drive away. We found out that this was the Bruery’s new warehouse, opened only a few months ago.  The warehouse is not generally opened to the public, and this was a unique one day sale to clear inventory.

The place was CREDIT, not cash only.  Stephen ended up buying 5 bottles of beers.


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