Artesia: Bowls by 39 Degrees 

Poke places are popping up faster than Starbucks.  For a while, Karen and I were going to a poke place at least once a week.  We have been going to J-Fish in Tustin and came across this place, Bowls by 39 Degrees and stopped by on a Tuesday night.

This tiny restaurant is located in Artesia, on the opposite end of the parking lot from 99 Ranch Market.  The entire strip mall has been transformed, with new restaurants taking the place of old shops.  There’s plenty of parking, and even shady spots for a hot day.

Upon entering Bowls, you’re greeted with a zen like waterfall fountain, and behind it is a sumo wrestler greeting you where you order or build your food.  The menu is posted on the wall, and there’s even a flip chart at the beginning of the queue.  They offer quite a bit of everything from sushi, rice plates, fried food, udon noodles and of course their poke.  We chose to build-our-own poke bowl, and went with a medium, which is 2 scoops of protein (they use the word protein, as they also include tofu as a choice) and pretty much all the toppings you can think of.  Avocado is the only topping that is 75cents more.

So I went with the sushi rice as my base, tuna and shrimp as my protein, and loaded up on pretty much everything except jalapenos and garlic chips.  For my sauce, I went mild with the plain and simple… the one for wimps.  Karen didn’t put everything on her bowl, and it still looked beautiful.


Two medium bowls (and a yelp check in discount) came to just over $18.  They brought the tray to our table, and even gave us some different sauces for us to try for next time.

They have lunch specials, and in a few weeks they’ll have their anniversary BOGO special.  This is a good little spot for Japanese/ Hawaiian comfort food. I’d like to try their tonkatsu or their musbui next time.  Overall a good experience, and the staff is friendly and ready to serve.