Santa Ana: Joe’s Place 

This little place is located across the street from the Central Courthouse from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm. It’s a grab and go kind of place, with a simple menu for sandwiches, pizza, and even a burger.  Think of it as a convenience store with a grill.



I was craving a breakfast burrito, and someone recommended Joe’s.  The breakfast burrito with bacon AND ham came to just under $6 (extra cost for extra meat). The burrito was a good size item with freshly scrambled eggs. I was disappointed at the lack of meats, both bacon and ham. The ham was deli sliced, and I think I got 1 strip of bacon.  I was even more disappointed in the hashed browns.  I thought it would be shredded potatoes, not sticks like tater tots.

Overall its ok.  Maybe a 3 star burrito, but for the convenience, and the fact they’re made hot and fresh, I’ll give it 4 stars for this review.

Joe’s has a brand new place called Bella’s Café at 801 Civic Center, just a few steps away from this location … closer to the crosswalk.  Supposedly there’s places to sit, and more variety.  I’ll give them a try for lunch, and update.