La Habra: Continental Deli (German Food)

Ask someone where to go for German food in Southern California and people would say Old World in Huntington Beach, Alpine Village in Torrance, Matterns in Orange, or Jägerhaus in Anaheim.  One hidden gem can be found in La Habra, off Imperial Blvd. and Beach Blvd., located in a strip mall next to Michaels craft store.


Continental Deli is a little mom-n-pop store with a small market /deli on one side, and a little café in the other side.  The menu has comfort German food from hot and cold sandwiches to bratwurst to schnitzel, and of course cold beer.

We stopped here on a Saturday afternoon for lunch.  I had a German bologna sandwich that came with potato salad and a pickle.  I should have asked for German potato salad, but it was still tasty.  Stephen had the schnitzel, a pounded pork cutlet, that was served with red cabbage  fried potatoes, and rye bread… Stephen’s definition of comfort food indeed!

It was a very tasty lunch, and we even went next door to pick up some cold cuts to take home.  It’s always good to support the small businesses in the area, and this is one of our favorites.

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