Buena Park: Yoshiharu Ramen

Yoshiharu Ramen is located in the still being developed mall called “The Source”, located off Beach Blvd. and Orangethorpe, right off the 91 freeway (going opposite direction of Knott’s Berry Farm).  There’s a parking structure off Beach, which can be tricky to find if you’re not looking for the entrance.

Tip: park on the 2nd floor, walk up the flight of stairs and you’ll find Yoshiharu.  I’ve been to their Orange location so I was familiar with their food.  I remember the ramen being salty so I went for their fried rice and chicken karaage.  Karen went for the ramen miso, which she said seemed to be an never ending bowl.  It looked like there wasn’t a lot of food but the bowl is deceptive.

I was a little bummed that they charged $1.50 for lukewarm tea (it was supposed to be hot).  I know, you gotta make a buck, but come on.. a tiny cup of tea?

Overall a decent place. It’s tiny.. holds 45 people.

Right now is the time to go since 90% of the mall isn’t near completion by any means.  In fact its quite depressing.  But once opened, the mall seems to be 60% food places, which will give foodies a variety of places to try.

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