Costa Mesa: Din Tai Fung 

Din Tai Fung is a world renown dumpling restaurant, given a Michelin star in 2010. Some people rave about it, and some people think it’s pretentious and overpriced.  I have tried 3 of their Southern California locations and have noticed that there is a slight difference between the locations.  On this visit, the South Coast Plaza location is not one of my favorite.img_2289-1

The restaurant is located on the 2nd level, next door to Sears and Forever 21.  If you arrive before 5:30 pm, you can get a table right away, or at least have a short wait. As you wait for a table, you can watch the staff make their famous dumplings by hand.

The dining room has plenty of natural light and condiments are placed on the table.

Karen and I ordered 2 of their famous “juicy pork dumplings”, green beans and noodles.  I am not sure what it is about this location.  Perhaps they cater more to the non-Asian clientele? or they make their food “less” authentic than the Arcadia location, which is located in a heavily dominated Chinese community?  I am not sure. Nonetheless, the food is good, but not orgasmic.

Prices are not cheap for dumplings, and our dinner was close to $50 with tip for 4 items, and no drink.  Tea was not cheap at $3.50 for a pot.

Overall if you don’t come in with high expectations, you’ll be pleasantly happy with the food. If you’re coming here thinking it’s the best food you’ll ever have, this location may not be the right one, if you have been to other Din Tai Fung locations.


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