Fullerton: The Slidebar unveils the Cali Bandito Taco (@slidebarcafe, @gringobandito)

Earlier this month I posted that Gringo Bandito hot sauce partnered with Slidebar in Fullerton to create the Cali Bandito Taco. The taco is essentially a deconstructed take on the California burrito and made with house made tortillas, topped with Gringo Bandito red marinated carne asada, french fries, cheddar cheese, sour cream and avocado crème. I was invited to the unveiling and to get a bite of the new creation.


Slidebar’s chef Brenden said they’ll be offering the tacos as an entrée, with 3 tacos, beans and chips, along with a side of Gringo Bandito hotsauce.  The tacos came with a side of hot sauce, but I never really needed it because the tacos themselves had a lot of flavor and heat. From Wednesday to Friday, Slidebar offers a happy hour which makes enjoying these spicy tacos even better. I am actually not sure what the server gave me on draft, but it washed it down just fine. Spicy taco paired excellently with the beer.


They also offered us a vegetarian option, using portabella mushrooms instead of carne asada.  Quite honestly, the mushroom really was better than the meat version.  The marinade soaked into the mushroom, and the thick texture of the portabella had the consistency of meat.  With the smokiness and heat, you really could not tell that the taco was meat-free.img_2264-1

In addition to the Cali Bandito tacos, we had the appetizer size of their Mac n’ Cheese, the item that put Slidebar onto the Fullerton map.  This delicious pasta was made with white cheddar, velveeta, and fontina cheese then topped with parmesan – panko bread crumbs.  It complimented the spicy tacos, and definitely helped in taking away some of the Bandito heat.

The Slidebar is located in downtown Fullerton, off Commonwealth and Harbor Boulevard, across from the Amtrak train depot.

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