Inglewood: El Pollo Campero, Guatemalan chicken 

There’s so many varieties of fried chicken out there, so if you do have a favorite, this one could be added to your list as well. It’s not like Roscoes, it’s not like KFC, it’s not like Korean fried chicken. This Latin chicken has a flavor of its own. Unfortunately like many popular fried chicken places, it’s not the cheapest in town.  I was in the south bay and discovered that there was an Inglewood location. Sandwiched between the 105 and the 405 freeway, close to Hollywood Park is this standalone location. It’s in a strip mall just down the street from a Costco.img_2654

I don’t know why they were so many negative yelp reviews. We got here about 12:30 on a Sunday, Father’s Day to be exact. The place was busy, but not packed.  We were warmly greeted by the manager, and we were debating what to order. We ended up getting 2, three-piece meals.

Stephen selected the marinated grilled chicken that came with a breast, drumsticks, and wing. I chose the original and popular fried chicken, same pieces. As they were building our order, the lady said they ran out of wings. I asked if they could substitute it with another drumstick, and she obliged. Along with our combo came 2 sides, I chose the Campero beans and for a one dollar upgrade the plantains. Stephen chose the black beans with rice, and coleslaw. The sides were very generous, definitely enough for one person, or for two people to lightly share. For a drink, I had the Horchata, Stephen had the fountain drinks consisting of Pepsi products.

My fried chicken was hot and fresh. The breast was moist and tender on the inside, deliciously crispy and flavorful on the outside. Stephen and I swapped one drumstick, and the grilled chicken was actually very good. Completely different than the fried version, and I could totally eat both. Of course I still like the fried chicken the best.

I’m happy they serve the food on reusable plates, even our drinks was served in a reusable plastic cup. Even after not having this for 10 years, the food was the same. Delicious. Thumbs up.

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