San Diego: Display Geek (@displaygeek)

I’m a new Funko Pop! collector and stumbled onto this while yelping for more Funko Pop! places to check out. What luck for me! Most people use this company because they ran out of display space. Well, I didn’t run out of space to display my new hobby, I simply did not have anything. Display Geek is a great solution and I order a 3-pack of shelves.

My shipment arrived about 3 days after ordering, and it came in a flat white “Ebay” taped box. Upon opening the box, there was a flat of unassembled cardboard plus 2 other flats which were the shelves. I’m not the savviest person in building stuff but after about 15-20 minutes tinkering with the first of 3 displays, I got the kit built. The 2nd and 3rd one took a fraction of the time.

Overall first impression? Not bad. Sure its cardboard, but its a display, not permanent furniture. 3 stacks of the displays comes to about 5-feet tall (I’m 4’9″ btw) and fits perfects in a little nook in my bedroom. The FAQ on the website recommended using a certain screw to mount the display, but someone said they used the Command Hooks and it worked just fine.

I realized even though I am a “newbie” I quickly ran out of shelf space displaying my Funko Pop toys inside the box. So I mixed it up and took some out, and turned the box sideways, while the ones that are more “rare” or I didn’t want out of the box displayed perfectly facing outwards. I could squeeze 20 Funko Pop! boxes per kit when I mixed the orientation.

The 3-pack cost about $75 and with free shipping. I lucked out and they had a post comic-con discount code, saving me $11. Great solution if you want to display your Pop addiction.

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