Baker, CA: Los Dos Toritos

We normally get something to eat in Vegas before heading back to SoCal, but decided to grab a bite in Baker instead. We looked up places to eat, and Baker has all sorts of fast food from McD’s to KFC, and then they have the “famous” Mad Greek Café. Located across the street from the Mad Greek is this little Mexican restaurant.

We arrived at 10:00 for breakfast, and I really wanted the Chilaquiles, but they took it off the menu. Instead, I chose the breakfast burrito with ham and bacon. It does not come with potatoes but instead it comes with eggs, cheese and refried beans. The burrito is about $8 and it is enough to feed 2 people… that burrito was huge and heavy and HOT!

Stephen chose the chorizo (Mexican sausage) and eggs, and it also came with beans and rice, along with 4 tortillas. Both our items also came with homemade tortilla chips, and they had a salsa bar to add to your meal.

Was it the best burrito I’ve had? Probably not. But it was filling and did the job. While we were eating, we noticed the majority of the clientele were latinos, both English and Spanish speakers. They offer a variety of Mexican food from tacos, burritos, tortas and enchiladas.

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