London: Harrods (at Knightsbridge)

Harrods is a luxury department store located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London. Founded in 1849 by Charles Henry Harrod, the store has gone though changes. The department store was acquired by House of Fraser in 1959, which in turn was purchased by the Fayed brothers in 1985. In May 2010, Harrods was sold to Qatar Holdings, the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar.

The store occupies a 5-acre site and has 6 floors with 330 departments covering one million square feet of retail space.  You can spend hours (maybe even days) visiting the store, but I was focusing on their famous Food Hall.


The Food Hall sells a variety of hot and cold food, from take away items, to bakery items, to raw food (ie: meat) to chocolates to teas.  There’s even a few tiny stand up counters to get a meal from steaks, to rotisserie, to fish, and even a raw bar with oysters and caviar.

We made our way to the 2nd floor, and located the Tea Room.  There wasn’t a line, so we went to have tea and scones as a snack (or in this case, Afternoon Tea).  The service isn’t the best here, but then I guess you’re supposed to be a person of leisure with plenty of time to sip and enjoy the day.

After our leisurely tea, we wandered around the store, and at the bottom of the Egyptian escalator found the memorial for Dodi Al-Fayed (son of the former Harrod’s owner) and Princess Diana.

We ended up closing Harrod’s; Before we left, we grabbed some food to go, and made our way to our hotel for a take-away supper.