Oxford University, The Eagle & Child pub

Included with our Stonehenge Inner Circle experience was a tour of Oxford University.  As we left Stonehenge, the rain was right behind us.


Supposedly, a part of Harry Potter was filmed there, but they were having a graduation ceremony, so most of the access was closed.  There are multiple colleges (30 alone for undergraduates) that make up Oxford, but the earliest ones are University College, was founded in 1249. Balliol College was founded about 1263, and Merton College in 1264.

After our walking tour, Daniel gave us 45 minutes to wander on our own.  Stephen and I didn’t want to shop and was told to check out a pub called The Eagle and Child, which was built in 1640, and lays claim to a number of interesting literary connections. J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and fellow writers met here and dubbed themselves ‘The Inklings’, which they nicknamed the pub ‘The Bird and Baby’.

Our last leg of our tour is Windsor Castle.

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