London: Borough Market #LoveBorough

This was our last full day in London, and we went to check this market out before going to the Sky Garden.  We took the Baker tube toward London Bridge, and arrived at 10:30 and started off in the glass building, which looked like an atrium.

Borough Market is one of London’s oldest market. There’s various dates on when it was first built, but per the web site it is listed as 1756. It is open Monday to Saturday, but not all the vendors are available Monday and Tuesday. Click here for the times and information.


One of the information workers said that most of the hot food stands were located in this part of the market, while the adjacent building had mostly produce, food items like oils and meats, and takeaway items.  Since we were there early, we took advantage of the no lines and picked up an early lunch. I chose the Roast Hog, while Stephen chose the Meat Pie.

There are no tables and chairs in the Market, but in the atrium there were benches.  We awkwardly ate our meal and then went across the walkway to the other part of the Market.

Just right outside the Market was a coffee house called Monmouth. That place had a long line, so we decided to check it out to see what the fuss was about. Stephen had a flat white, at a pricey 3,10 for a tiny cup.  IMHO it was a bit pretentious of a coffee place, but what do I know?

We walked around a bit more, before making our way to the Sky Garden, by way of the Queen’s Walk along the River Thames.