Whittier: Original Pancake House 

Back from vacation, and it’s good to be back home.  For the most part, the UK has plenty of American comfort food, but there’s just some things I missed and American breakfast food is one of them. Being a bit jet-lagged, I was up early enough to beat the crowd for breakfast.  I checked Yelp on my phone, and discovered there was no wait for the Original Pancake House in Whittier, and quickly made my way for breakfast.

The Original Pancake House is a franchise, so each location looks a bit different, and even the menu and food preparation can have slight variations as well.

They serve up dozens of different breakfast items from pancakes to waffles to egg dishes. My usual OPH item is the potato pancakes with a side of their thick cut bacon.  Oh my goodness is their bacon good, but pricey at $4 for 3 slices.  Stephen had the corned beef hash, with eggs, and it also came with a side of pancakes. Definitely a hearty breakfast, to kick start our day.

Breakfast for 2 came to about $31, so it’s not a cheap place.  The food is great, service is ok, but it’s definitely a splurge.


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