Disney CA Adventure: The Cove Bar close for rebranding

The weekend of January 6-7 was a busy one at Disney California Adventure. Not only was it the first non black out weekend for most passholders, it was the last weekend for the Festival of Holidays, and the last weekend for The Cove Bar.

img_1116The Cove Bar is located in the Paradise Pier area, with a view of the California Screaming rollercoaster and the iconic Mickey Ferris wheel.  I have never been but my friend Shellie insisted we wait in line to have one last drink before they close and get rebranded into a Pixar themed bar and grill.

Our wait for a party of 3 was about an hour and a half, and we were seated at the bar.  Shellie placed an order for their famous lobster nachos WITH habanero chilies. Both Stephen and Shellie ordered a round of blood orange margaritas, while I ordered a very sweet (and pricey) watermelon lemonade.


The nachos were very good, and I would say it was worth the hour and half wait.  It was not too expensive at $16, compared to the $11 margaritas or the $5.75 lemonade.  Overall, a good visit (my first and sadly last) until they reopen their doors when they get rebranded.

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