Montréal: Reuben’s

After watching our Ducks lose 2-5, I started scouting out for dinner plans. Most of the group members were starving, since they didn’t eat at the game.  So I found Reuben’s, another deli type place that could accommodate us at 6:00.

The place was packed, and we were squeezed in a tight little corner.  Stephen and I shared the Big Bang sandwich, and substituted the fries for an order of poutine (I think it was $4 more).  This sandwich was a pound of beef, and I was not able to finish my half.  I didn’t care for this meat at much as Dunn’s. It was much saltier, not to mention pricier, and a lot more fattier, even though we asked for “medium” in terms of fat content.  It was still good but not as good as Dunn’s.

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