Montréal: matinee at Bell Centre vs Canadiens

The hockey game was early at 1:00 pm.  We found out during the Super Bowl weekend, the Montreal Canadiens schedule the game early, and make it family friendly.  From the national anthem singer to the starting lineup announcer to the guest DJ, they were all kids. There were plenty of free, interactive things to do, such as taking a video on a green screen, get a photo of yourself in the Habs “locker room”, and more.

Our seats were in the upper portion of the arena, and quite high up.  It was about as high as the last time I was here in 2009.  For lunch, I had to have another Montreal meat sandwich (I’m addicted to it!)


The fans won free wings at La Cage for scoring 5 goals, while Ducks lost this game 2-5.