Las Vegas: Anaheim Ducks vs Vegas Golden Knights (#ANAvsVGN)

My bucket list is to visit every NHL arena, and after checking off T-Mobile, I only have 3 arenas left to go… so when I say this a 5 star venue, it’s because I have been to many places to compare.

First, don’t drive or even take an uber unless you plan to arrive 2 hour prior to game time. I took an uber from Cosmopolitan because it was freezing outside, and while it cost me a mere $6, it took 20 minutes for the driver to get me to the arena. It would have been faster to walk, or I discovered by the Uber driver that there’s a FREE MONORAIL from Bellagio to Monte Carlo. Yes, free!!

Second hurdle: Security. The arena has the usual security check.. so read their website what is considered contraband, like selfie sticks. The line was quick, as long as you know what you are entitled to bring.

Third hurdle: Tickets. I got my tickets via Stubhub and both Stubhub and the arena tells you need to have the app on your phone. The square cube has the entire party on the ticket, so every one must be there. The usher scanned it, and on her printer came 2 tickets with our seat location.

Then we went to find our seats, in section 225. There’s a huge long escalator to take you to the 200’s. What they don’t say is there’s not a lot of food upstairs, so stay downstairs to get your concessions and shopping done. The team store is tiny, so take advantage of the kiosks located around the arena. The seats upstairs are great but steep!! So if you have problems climbing stairs, you probably want to sit downstairs or the upper portion of the section. Row B was steep and at the bottom of the section. I never left my seat because I was too lazy to climb that steep incline.

The seats are comfortable, and angled in such as way there’s knee room. However, if someone were to want to get past you, you’d have to stand up, because there’s no foot room to pass. The site line in section 225 B was excellent. It’s not quite blue line seats, but still excellent, and I would get this section again.

The only downside was getting out. There was a congestion on the escalators to go down, but there is an express staircase to the right if you want to use that to exit. Parking seems to be a pain, but fortunately if you are a tourist with a hotel nearby, just walk, or cut over to the Monte Carlo and take the free monorail to the Bellagio, and find a way to your hotel from there.