Fullerton: Huntington Ramen

This little Japanese restaurant is hidden in a strip mall, off Chapman and Victoria, across the street from a post office. We came on a Wednesday and was able to find parking, but I can see that parking can be an issue on weekends or on cooler days when people want comfort food.

Even though the restaurant is called Huntington Ramen, they do more than Ramen. If anything, they only offer a handful of ramen and seem to specialize more on sushi and small dishes, from the karaage to the octopus, to the fried snacks. They also offer a 5% discount if you pay by cash, so let them know before ordering how you’ll settle your check.

I had the Tonkotsu ramen and kept the noodles thin as recommended. Karen had the Shoyu ramen with the thick noodles. My ramen was nice and chewy, and the broth was not overly salty. I was not a fan of the black oil and would omit that next time. I would also change it to the thick ramen noodles, as that is more traditional, and seem to have more body than my thin ones.

At the end of the meal, we got a small scoop of chocolate chip ice cream, compliments on the house.


They made a mistake on the check, and charged us the same price for the Shoyu as the Tonkotsu, so always double check the bill. It should have been charged $8.50, not $10.50. Even with the correction, they gave us back the wrong change.  Overall a good visit, but there’s room for improvement.

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