Orange, Ca: Old Crow Smokehouse

Old Crow Smokehouse is a Chicago based barbecue restaurant. There’s 2 in Southern California: 1 in Huntington Beach, and 1 in Orange, just a stone’s throw away from the Honda Center.  We came here after we did the Paint the Ice event, and at 11:00 am, there were about 3 people in the restaurant. We were asked if we wanted to sit in the left side of the restaurant, which has more sunlight, or the left side near the bar, which had more comfortable seating, but it was much darker. Comfort topped light, and we sat in the bar area.


The menu had a little bit of everything from burgers, chicken, salad, sandwiches, and, of course ribs. Karen chose their “version” of a poutine (barbecue gravy, melted cheese, flavored fries, topped with chicken), while I had the appetizer portion of the 10 grilled chicken wings.

Stephen had the sausage links with mac n cheese and BBQ beans, while Roger had the tri-tip with the mac n cheese and green beans. It also came with a cucumber salad.

The portions are decent.  Stephen said he’d go back, but Roger (and I) felt there’s so many other good barbecue places in Orange County, we’d go back if we were back at the Honda Center.  Lunch for 4, with 2 sodas, 1 beer came to $92 with tax and tip.