Santa Ana: Mrs. Bean (@mrsbeanjianbing)

Mrs. Bean (or @mrsbeanjianbing on social media) is a Chinese noodle place, located at the Main Place mall in Santa Ana.  Karen and I was supposed to meet up at Boudins, but noticed this new Chinese noodle place was having their soft opening. The 20% off enticed us to try it, and I am glad we did.

Karen had the ramen, while I had the Braised beef noodles, changing the normal skinny noodles to the thick one. The food was made to order, and we had the option to “Combo” it which came with a drink and a salad/ appetizer. It sounded like too much food, so we passed.

The food came out within 10 minutes and the bowls looked deceivingly shallow… probably because there wasn’t much broth inside. Once we got started, the bowl never seemed to empty. Unfortunately by the time I got to the bottom of my bowl, the noodles became gooey and pasty because there was no liquid. Next time I’ll ask for more broth.

Aside from the goo at the bottom, the noodles were great. I’d order it again, especially on a chilly evening. I hope they stay around, as it’s probably the best Chinese noodle place in the area.. and in a mall of all places!

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