Gardena, CA: Home Kitchen

I wanted to take my friend, Roger, out for his birthday, and he wanted to come to Home Kitchen, a mom n pop, hole in the wall, tiny little restaurant in Gardena.


There’s plenty of different things on the menu, and they even have a Bento box of the day.  Roger chose the Bento of the day, while Karen had the chicken karaage and combo’d it with the tempura.  I chose the combination teriyaki steak dinner that came with tempura, soup, salad, and rice.  Everything was excellent, and I couldn’t find any fault with my food.  The tempera was perfect, so light and crisp, and not at all greasy.


I would definitely recommend this place.  They are closed on Sundays, and major Japanese holidays. Oh, and its CASH only.  The dinner for 3 cost $42, which is an excellent value.