La Mirada: Sol Inka Peruvian

I needed a restaurant that was near the La Mirada AMC 7, and this Peruvian place popped up. It’s located off Imperial and Santa Gertrudes, next door to a Mike’s burger, across the street from a Grocery Outlet strip mall. img_5867

Upon walking in, the place is dark. We thought they weren’t open, until we saw the hostess walk toward us from the side of the restaurant. The exterior looked like it used to be a Coco’s or Carrows, and the interior reflected it. There’s plenty of space, enough to accommodate a large party, with nooks that looked like it belonged to a family restaurant.img_5868

We were seated in the middle of the restaurant, and promptly asked what we wanted to drink. Our drinks were brought out, along with warm rolls that were just a tad sweet like Hawaiian bread, and the special green sauce that is famous with Peruvian food.

We didn’t want leftovers (since we were going to the movies) so we split the Tallarin Saltado de pollo, basically Peruvian chicken chow mein. The spaghetti noodles were in a vinegary-soy pepper sauce, stir fried with tomatoes, onions and meat. The flavor was spot on, but the meat was a bit crispy… not sure if its overcooked or recooked.

The check came to $17 and change, which wasn’t bad for 2, but a bit pricey for a plate of noodles. I’d stop here again if I needed a dinner option before the movies, as the AMC is 4 minutes away.

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