Alhambra, CA: Grill em All (@GrillemAll)

Grill em All started off as a gourmet food truck, and they even won season 1 of the Great Food Truck Race.  They opened up their brick n mortar in Alhambra, CA, serving up half pound burgers (ie: burgs) naming them after heavy metal people, groups or songs.

The Burg of the Month for Oktoberfest was The Accept: Beer bratwurst, house braised sauerkraut, gruyere, beer onions, on a half pound burg with a pretzel bun, served with potato salad… and Stephen really wanted to try it.

I had the Metallica, an avocado, bacon, ranch, onions, but I held the Swiss on a 1/2 pound burg. That was a really good burger!  We also added fries, specifically High on Fries, shredded buffalo chicken bleu cheese, wing sauce over fries… but we weren’t able to finish it, since the burgers were very filling.

In fact, I was so full, I didn’t have dinner until very late.