Anaheim Ducks Face-off Fest 2018 (#FaceoffFest)

As a season ticket holder, one of the perks we get is a meet and greet with the Anaheim Ducks players and staff at the annual “Face-off Fest” (formerly known as “Break the Ice”).  It used to be a 2 day event, now condensed into a 4-hour event.  This year’s event was held on October 11 from 5:30-9:30 pm.

My friends were there for autographs. I had nothing to get signed, so I wandered around the event, taking advantage of the free stuff like a virtual photo with a hockey player, or taking photos with the staff.

I caught up with Karen after she got her Adam Henrique jersey autographed, and we got photos with former original goalie, Guy Hebert, radio guy Dan Wood, and even a free Fox Sport photo.

Even though I didn’t get any autographs or took a photo with a hockey player (former players don’t count), I still had a good time, and am fortunate the Ducks offer this to the season seat holders for free.

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