Havana, Cuba, day 2

Day 2 in Havana.  We met up with Jimmy in front of the Museum of Rum to kick off our 2nd part of our tour.  No classic cars for us to ride in today, but a taxi mini van.  Fortunately this car also had air conditioning.  The goal of our day was to finish the places Jimmy didn’t take us yesterday, and, to buy Cuban rum and Cuban cigars.

We drove to the outskirts of the city, past where government officials lived to a residential neighborhood to a place called Fusterlandia, a place named after the artist Jose Fuster. He is known as the Picasso of the Caribbean, and transformed the neighborhood into a artist playground celebrating Picasso, Gaudi and the local Cuban culture.  There’s no entry fee, although they have a donation box asking to help maintain the center.  It is such a fascinating place, and worth a trip out there.

Our next stop was clear across the other side of the city, to see the actual U2 plane that Cuba shot down, which resulted in the Cuban missile crisis.. and Cuba’s version of the Christ statue, who wears flip flop sandals.

We drove around the city, even stopped at their version of “Chinatown” (not worth posting) before stopped at the Rum and cigar store… and Stephen took home some liquid souvenirs.

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