Healdsburg, Ca: The Wurst Restaurant

Most visitors who go to Napa rarely travel to the Sonoma side.  One of the days, we ventured toward Sonoma, and made our way to Healdsburg.  The town is quaint, and picturesque, and also where we had lunch at the Wurst Restaurant.

The restaurant is known for their sausages, but they also have hamburgers and salads.  Since it was a “wurst” place, we each chose a sausage for lunch.

The inside was bench seating, and there were outside seats as well.

I had the Detroit chili dog, where the chili is brought in from Detroit.  Stephen’s mom had the Chicago dog, and Stephen had the Sheboygan Brat, which the sausage is imported from Wisconsin.  We shared fries and onion rings, both were delicious.

Thumbs up, and I’d go back to try the burgers next time.

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