Napa, Ca: Farmstead – Long Meadow Ranch

About 20 years ago, Napa was a quiet little town with a handful of restaurants.  There was 1 movie theater in town, and the only show playing was “the Flintstones”.  Now, Napa is the culinary mecca.

One of our favorite restaurants is Farmstead, from the Long Meadow Ranch group of restaurants.  The food is good, it’s not excessively expensive (although I guess it can be, depending on what you order).

When you check in on Yelp, you get an order of their cheddar biscuits. On Tuesdays, they offer their fried chicken supper, which is a starter, 4-pieces of fried chicken, and dessert.  You can order just the chicken dinner as well.

The starter was a pressed melon salad, with feta sprinkled on top over a bed of fresh baby greens.  Very refreshing.

The chicken entree was 4 pieces, but not necessarily 1/2 a chicken.  I had 2 wings, a drumstick and a breast, while Stephen had the actual half chicken.  I was a bit upset over being short changed.  In addition, we ordered a side of mac and cheese, which was very gooey, thick, and rich… a true indulgence. For dessert, it was a deconstructed s’mores.

Overall a delicious meal. If we were to return for another Fried Chicken Tuesday, I’d ask the server to make sure I get either a 1/2 chicken, or not just 2 small wings.