Disney World: Epcot after hours

Walt Disney World has Magical Hours, where guests staying on property can have access to specific parts either before park opening, or after it closes. Tonight, Epcot was selected to be opened 2 hours later from 9:00-11:00 pm.

We went back to the hotel to rest, and then came back to Epcot for the fireworks show. We caught the last bus from our hotel to Hollywood Studios, and entered the back way via the Skyliner.

We had a FastPass for the special viewing area, which was located in the front part of the World Showcase. We leisurely walked from the UK, stopped for a photo with Tinker Bell, to the reserved area, and it was probably the worst choice of the trip. The area was congested, and there was a huge stage blocking the view of the lake. We sat on the floor only to see basically a quarter of the show. What a waste of a FastPass. We should have just found a spot near Norway or Italy and watched from there.

Following the fireworks show, we decided to stay in the World Showcase area, and take photos of the pavilions, taking advantage of the near empty park. Our iPhone 11 Pro took excellent night pictures, and no filter was needed!

By the time we walked the entire World Showcase, it was after 11:00. By the time we walked out of the park, it was 11:40, and we were probably one of the last people to exit the park, and it was worth staying late.

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