Disney World: Epcot / Festival of the Arts

After our lunch at Biergarten, we slowly walked around the World Showcase and explored the different countries. Scattered around Epcot were works of arts, celebrating the Festival of the Arts that was being held until February 24.

There were recreations of famous paintings in which guests could “be a part of” the work. We took advantage of this fun experience and had the PhotoPass cast members help us recreate this famous work of art.

There were also keepsake videos from the Festival, which was only on PhotoPass.

Tonight Epcot was having Magic Evening Hours, where they would be opened late tonight for the hotel guests staying on property. We decided to go back to the hotel for a rest, and then come back to enjoy the fireworks and other late night festivities.

The quickest way back to our hotel from the World Showcase was to take the new Skyliner to Hollywood Studios. There was a station located between the UK and France.

It was probably a good thing we went back to rest… Stephen was exhausted.

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