Disney World: Epcot / Biergarten Restaurant

Epcot is the biggest of the 4 Disney World theme parks. it’s so large, they have different openings times for the 2 sections. The front part is Future World, which has the iconic Spaceship Earth sphere, and is currently partially under construction. This front section is more educational, with attractions dealing with technology, space, and environment.

Our goal today was to visit the back part, which is the World Showcase, featuring highlights and food from 12 countries: Mexico, Norway, China, Africa, Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

We had lunch reservations at Biergarten, located in the German pavilion. The Biergarten is an “all you can eat” buffet for $46 per person, and includes soft drinks. Since we had the dining plan, we were also entitled to 1 beer with our meal.

The inside is supposed to look like you’re at Oktoberfest, and you share a table with other people. The buffet has a little bit of everything from salad, to German cold cuts, sausages (ie: bratwurst), meats, potatoes, carved meats, and of course desserts.

On the hour, there is a German band playing classic tunes, and even played the alphorn (hint: the horn from the Ricola commercial). We spent about and hour and a half enjoying everything, and our server never rushed us. Tip was not included with our dining plan, and we were very generous with ours for the excellent service, and experience.

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